Here we are in a year of election for our American neighbor who will need a lot of PRAYER so the best result, and the right choice for PRESIDENT is well chosen, not from human decision but from the DIVINE PROVIDENCE so the future is as much possible in the hand of PRAYERS. when this is well done…


Here is a video that our editor made for the election in 2016 in which the same can be said for this year election.


May you all see the video with great REFLECTION upon the future of the outcome of  the result hoping it will be the right one under the influence of the PRAYERS that will be activated for the right decision to be taken. Human all by himself is not sufficient to make the right decision that is why the help of the THOUGHT PRAYERS will be very useful especially in time of great difficulties and turbulent thought waves combined with human stresses….Remember that the video was produce in 2016 with a lot of changes that can be seen between then and now.


What is being said lead to this thought  our editor personified with what you see, and what is said; it goes for everyone who is in politics….


A lot have happen before our editor decided to read the HOLY BOOK. He experiences a crash in the year 1994  between himself and his mentor along with the academic learning / mental training exercises he was receiving while he was going to the university with the hitch hiking transportation all the time applying and using everything to do the studying with no diploma to receive after 4 years and 1/2, because of the student loan cut…  by learning what he was hungry for and not necessarily for a diploma. Amazing to see how he was able see OUR support being exact with the timing for getting a ride. Otherwise he would have had to walk 12 miles or sleep in town outside, especially in the winter season…

In the year after MAY 1995 , he decided to set up his ALTAR for PRAYER and MEDITATION asking US in his mental gathering he had learnt to do and ask the question if the resting day should be on SUNDAY or on SATURDAY the SABBATH DAY  as it is prescribed in the ten COMMANDMENTS of LIFE. WE delivered an answer that he never forgot. On SUNDAY, there was some snow on the ground his parents couldn’t go to Church, but he did energized the PRAYER he usually do the way he had learnt to do. So in the fall he moves back to Montreal; his sister had made the arrangement with the little house she was renting; as long the property was not sold, a deal she had made with a mean Jewish lady who was in the real estate trying to sell the property. So it was then after a while he decided to read the English version of this HOLY BOOK series, five volumes in English with a lot of struggle in his own mind to do it. He thought it was a kind of Jehovah Witness kind of writing. The thought he used to convince his own mind to do it was : if he doesn’t read it, then he cannot give any argument over any quotation a person can give out about its content and teaching if a person decides to lunch a point of view in any discussion. So, he bought the books and red it all from volume one to the fifth. Because of the details the author is giving out, just that, it is enough to discourage a reader to not continue. But he kept his thought resolution in mind to  move forward with the reading and finally made it to the end and realize that there was a lot of material to dig in with the details it contains so to elaborate more over what the four GOSPELS do not talk about what really happen during that period of our history helping clarify even scientist who try to understand the scriptures and the information it gives out as a BOOK of records the Bible gives out through what we mostly have red about for so many years through out the whole history of mankind. So it completes his mind with all what he needed to know to understand better Christianity and its original teaching that question a lot the dogmatic system the church has built its teaching upon losing the TRUE SPIRIT of its content and meaning, most of the time never properly understood. This HOLY BOOK filled up all these gaps that has travel all these years of history, enough to make a person growth much closer to the TRUTH then guessing around with misleading interpretations.



This first part of the video is to let you know that a lot more was going on between his mentor and himself with the mental input exercises passed on to him everything he could dig for, that his mentor knew from his own doing. From 1995 until 1998 – 1999 the time period for big change in his life, in his family and around the world. So he spent much of his time living in this little country farm house known for historical patrimonial property located in the city, that have been moved away so, the company who bought the land for $3,000,000.00 worth, while we were thinking it would never sells. It was like a kick out from that place. Anyway, it was during this time period he built up in his INNER MENTAL SPACE CENTER everything he wanted to use for doing what one could call in the computer language a mental setting, as we do with any computerized gadget. It was during that time he was also reading the HOLY BOOK and applying some of the teaching: like PRAYING for the political leaders of the world as described in the video; presenting every one of them to JESUS who is the main and dominant person present along with MARY in this INNER MENTAL SPACE CENTER; always asking guidance for just about everything. So he asks HIM to BLESS and PRAY over each one of them. There it is: his OBEDIENCE to that teaching mention somewhere in one of the volumes not knowing exactly which one and what page…  In that same time period, he also did some reading over some other BOOKS of the same nature subject containing : SPIRITUAL TEACHING .It was the  moment for himself to feed his mind with a lot of information and confirmation over certain things I wanted to know.  


After finishing the reading, he could not denied that this GOSPEL written by a women was less HOLY then the 4 GOSPELS written by men. It is really a GIFT from TRUE LOVE, and a BLESSING to receive for anyone who wants to understand what have never been too well understood by many who red the Bible from the beginning to the end, even well known Evangelist and Theologian scientists with their interpretation not always clear and liberating compare to this HOLY BOOK The precedent video you just saw indicate very well by the guy who gives out a lecture on this subject saying that even two HOLY SAINT PERSONS order people to read it with a must. So there is no real excuses to not go for reading.



The special work with a focus attention he do every year in the month NOVEMBER, the month of SOUVENIR, so everybody who is on his list are to be BLESSED by the LORD of TRUE LOVE. Beside all this work; the mental setting, in his INNER MENTAL SPACE CENTER, he developed an assembly of HOLY BEINGS that he have learn to know through YOGA LIFE studying and every other kind of reading from different sources making his work very UNIVERSAL with a touch of a DIVINE SOCIETY gathering with a lot of BLESSING coming from their presences as he invites them all through THOUGHT PRAYER TELEPATHY that is quite powerful to feed and energized with some CHARITABLE gestures WE are witnessing; small things here and there that make everything explosive, with all the support it all represent with the work he is doing with all the lit CANDLES he always put up on his ALTAR within and in any physical place he occupy whenever he moves along with everything that goes with the moving, sensing that he is not alone even if the physical presence is not there. What is shared in the video, is what ‘s being done as a great source of work.



With everything WE just said, it leads you all to the second part of the video that describe to you all the BLESSING and the RESULTS it brought up during the big world tribulation that have change everything, the very year the WORLD TRADE CENTER got destroyed. So take all the time to dig in the video with some pauses you may have to apply to properly read what he have put up. Remember that he have been all alone to do all this work in this physical plane even if he have an assembly of HOLY BEINGS in his INNER MENTAL SPACE CENTER. Whenever you look at the graphic board pictures click twice on the picture to make everything clearer and take the time to read what is written in an artistically presentation.