May you all see the video, the sixth part with more to come, with great REFLECTION upon the future outcome of the result hoping it will be the right one under the influence of the PRAYERS that will be activated for the right decision to be taken. Human all by himself is not sufficient to make the right decision, that is why the help of the THOUGHT PRAYERS will be very useful especially in time of great difficulties and turbulent thought waves combined with human stresses….Remember that the video was produce in 2016 with a lot of changes that can be seen between then and now.

What is being said lead to this thought  our editor personified with what you see, and what is said; it goes for everyone who is in politics…. To see and read better the graphic board click on it.

The history of mankind is full of snake bites here and there. This one come from a historical one mention earlier without being aware of its source. It took a long time to get built it up and reach its target. What you see in this event, is definitely the result of this one cause for what is going on, as a long time period germination, the day all our ancestors’ good doings also mention before, got abandon. From this horrible event a person can only learn and grow up, by waking up or letting the poison continue to take it effect until it reaches it gold; to destroy one’s LIFE ‘s JOY and HAPPINESS  with a SOUL BEING trapped in a human being all messed up until the person realizes that he is not going well and have to do something to get out of all this mess. “This video is not a film you watch on the screen like a movie, but a source of learning of the things you can tame into your awareness if you take the time to dig in” .

The day a person will realize he is not going too well with his LIFE situation, he or she will have to free his SOUL from this trap of human being mess; like an actor who is lost in the character he or she is interpreting. This should give a new LIGHT of understanding about the whole CREATION all together. So what are you all waiting for ? A miracle ! The miracle is in the awakening.

This is the work of awakening that got done by these SOUL BEINGS : ,  with a lot of doing and learning here and there, not to forget the building of the INNER SPACE CENTER along with the TEMPLE and all its applications. The ongoing trap by not knowing what most people in authority are doing, ends up being a blow up event. Who’s fault it is? You have been told through the writing of the scriptures, that the rebellion angels have been kicked out from the HEAVENLY WORLD and they are all here on this EARTH messing up the EARTH WORLD. The only power they have is money, government and religious leaders authorities.  Only the spirit of Satan has the power to make things happen with bad spells, bad black magics and bad witchcraft that all occultism symbols expose one to these bad influences. On the other hand there was, there is and will always be the POWER of TRUE LOVE of the GREAT SPIRIT WHO that became flesh; when HE was on this EARTH 2,000 years ago HE shows us the GOOD SPELLS, GOOD MAGIC power such as transforming darkness in the mind of any people into LIGHT and GOOD WITCH CRAFT when a MANGOD changes water into GOOD WINE. Each one will have to chose between one or the other.